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site update

I wanted to give everyone plenty of advance warning — I’ll be breaking the site this weekend =) Basically, the database that powers 99% of the site is hosed. Rather than try to fix it, which hasn’t worked so far, I’ve created a duplicate of the data and I’ll be nuking from orbit, followed by replacing everything, better than… Read more →

an apology

First, a confession. I have memory issues. I’m totally blaming on early-onset Alzheimer’s, but the fact is, I forget shit. All the time. It’s bad, really bad, and it occasionally leads me to forget really super important things. Like mentioning AcidicA, an aggressive industrial band who are not only performing with N17 and The Strand (among others) tomorrow at The… Read more →

news about Reliquary news

Just a reminder, there are bunches of ways you can get Reliquary news : Subscribe to our RSS feed with your favorite feed-reader; Add Reliquary News to your Yahoo!, Google or MSN homepages Join the Reliquary LiveJournal community; Friend us on MySpace My personal favorite is Google Reader. It’s fantastic! Also, we’re trying to get a handle on how many… Read more →