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reviews – reliquary


Check out some of the press for Winter World:

Mick Mercer

“If I was the sort to give albums ratings out of ten this would find itself surprised to be awarded an eight, but I don’t, so that’s not happening.”
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Side-Line Magazine (review of the European version)

“Reliquary has managed to produce a record that combines dark wave, gothic rock and primitive sounding dark pop taking references from The Cure to Faith and the Muse, Bella Morte or The Last Dance.”
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“… bordering on the operatic, they provide a wonderfully refined juxtaposition to the instrumental soundscape.”
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Grave Concerns ezine

“This threesome wreaks awful delight on and off the dancefloor and is poised to make quite an impact on the Gothic scene.”
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Closet Goth Confessional

“… the result is nothing short of glorious.”
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“Reliquary will take you on a cold icy chilling journey that will stir an emotional and powerful enchanted feeling.”
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