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Kara   ¤   Loki   ¤   Suriel   ¤   History   ¤   Former Members


Kara [image (c) 2011 Joi Carey]Kara is the voice of Reliquary.

Classically trained, and recently awarded her Master’s degree in Music Performance Pedagogy, she lends the full force and nuance of her four-octave range to Loki’s music. From the sorrow-laden Lament to our powerful version of Delibes’ soaring aria, Lakme, to the layered and evocative Lost in Thought, Kara’s voice mesmerizes, enchants and envelops.

In her dwindling spare time, Kara finds time for creating art, spending time with her husband Jeremy and son Tristan, and organizing her collection of classic vinyl. She likes cats and bats and corsets, and wants to return to Paris.

    Quote: “Oi!”
    Color: purple
    Drink: Vodka cranberry

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Loki [image (c) 2011 Joi Carey]Loki composes, programs, and plays guitar for Reliquary.

A musical Renaissance man, Loki plays any instrument not needing to be blown into. His guitar is powerful and evocative, a signature sound of Reliquary. He has played guitar for most of his life, and his talent shines in songs such as Tale of Mercy and the title track off their debut album, Winter World.

Loki enjoys large hunks of meat, Everquest, and spending time with his lady love Suriel.

    Quote:“So you’ve got that going for you.”
    Color: grey
    Drink: Rum-n-Pepsi

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Suriel [image (c) 2011 Joi Carey]Suriel plays bass for Reliquary.

Her spirited basslines provide the backbone of Reliquary’s music. She easily transitions to keyboards for the quietly emotional Lost in Thought and the driving, dynamic Dreams Torn Away. She also contributes impassioned lyrics to many songs.

Suriel is a writer and a lover of all things food, maintaining a personal chef business in her spare time. She has Cool Hair ™ and a scintillating wit.

    Quote: “Woo? You betcha.”
    Color: blue
    Drink: Campari and soda


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Reliquary’s history

 [image (c) 2011 Joi Carey]

“…quietly intoxicating and genuinely lovely.”Mick Mercer

Phoenix-based Reliquary has become a favorite in the goth music scene. Their influences span several genres, including goth rock, industrial, darkwave and classical. Bands that have helped mold their sound include Faith and The Muse, The Smiths, Qntal, Lacrimosa and Requiem in White. Because of their diverse influences and original sound, Reliquary appeals to and is enjoyed by a wide audience.

Reliquary consist of Kara on vocals, Loki on guitar, and Suriel on bass. Loki and Suriel provide the complex and driving background while Kara’s classically trained voice provides a beautiful melodic counterpoint that completes Reliquary’s sound. Expect to hear layer upon layer of synth, drums, and strings, along with intricate guitar work and vocal styles ranging from a hauntingly introspective whisper to classic opera.

Reliquary staked their claim within the goth scene opening for the likes of Faith and The Muse, Bella Morte, The Last Dance, and The Cruxshadows, in addition to headlining many of their own shows.

Reliquary’s first album, Winter World, indulged listeners in a rich symphonic experience. It has seen many successes, including frequent play by DJ’s in goth and darkwave clubs, and several outstanding reviews in popular publications such as Orkus and Zillo. Reliquary also reached #8 on the Italian alternative radio charts, leading to their invitation to play Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany, one of the largest annually-held goth/darkwave festivals.

Their second album, Path of Hours, was critically acclaimed and continued the exploration of themes of love and loss, layered with guitars, synths and haunting melodies.

Reliquary are working on their third full-length album, which will be paired with a collection of videos.

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former members


Jay [image (c) 2008 Joi CareyJay played live keyboards and guitar for Reliquary.

When the head of Final Joy insisted that we add a fourth musician to our live shows, we resisted mightily, until we remembered Jay. As the main creative force behind AcidicA, a local aggressive industrial band, Jay’s attitude and experience were a perfect match.

Jay seemed to like playing with us even though Kara & Suriel wouldn’t let him play a keytar.

Jay likes molecular gastronomy and World of Warcraft.

    Quote: “I kiss all the boys.”
    Color: red
    Drink: Monster energy drink
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