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Want to do your own remix of a Reliquary song? Just ask!

Winter World

Remix artist: Frankie 5 Aces [ website | MySpace ]
download the Frankie 5 Aces mix

From the artist: “I chose this song because it was the first song to really catch my ear. It’s been my favorite song since I first saw Reliquary perform. And, it will probably remain as one of my top 10. I basically just listened to this song over and over until I learned every note. Then, I noticed that this song had soo much potential energy. All I did was push the rock down the hill. I used the original vocals and modeled some of the bassline from the original. I emphasized the breakbeat kicks and only used the 4/4 only when necessary. I love Kara’s voice in this song soooooo much that I totally had to let them stand on their own. Thus the intro/outro.”

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Dreams Torn Away

Remix artist: Acidica6
download the Acidica6 mix

Remix artist: Acidica6
download the other Acidica6 mix

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